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Olde City Realty is here to find you the perfect slice of our grandeur City to call your own. 

Browse our custom luxury communities or let us show you our distinguished listings we have available for your future Pensacola home.

Olde City Realty has recently partnered with Foxy Vacations on exclusively selected properties to allow our clients and special guest the opportunity to have an unbridled access to our hidden paradise.

These can be as short a single night getaway to a semi long-term experience.

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Our Promise to you is to provide you superior service and give you every tool for your real estate needs. With 40 years of experience we have garnered the exact team we need to obtain your dream home. If we can not find you your ideal home, we have developed entire communities brimming with luxury and amenities.

Our Team comprises of Real Estate Attorneys, Closing Agents, Real Estate Brokers, Real Estate Sales Associates, Project Manager, Real Estate Long-term Management, and Vacation Rental Management

Please check out all of departments and services to find out how we may be just the key for your next home project. 

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212 West Intendencia St.

Pensacola, FL 32502

We always are ready to show you the finer amenities of Pensacola.

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View our elite developments that we customize for luxury.

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